"Darius Jones has the capacity for a proud, rafters-raising tone on alto saxophone, and as an improviser he's fearless but
disciplined. Man'ish Boy (A Raw & Beautiful Thing) is a robustly accomplished debut that confirms not only the blunt fact of his arrival but also the ceaseless vitality of his chosen tradition. Akeen awareness of that tradition underpins the album, for reasons of spirit and style. Mr. Jones, who is in his early 30s, wisely teamed up with a pair of sympathetic mentors .. Their interaction is open-hearted and intense .. it adds up to a powerfully soulful blend."-THE NEW YORK TIMES, Nate Chinen

Darius Jones
alto saxophonist-composer
"Once again drawing on his Southern roots for inspiration, Jones revels in a program that runs the gamut from tender balladry to testimonial fervor---with a penchant for all things funky underscoring the date. Fulfilling (and exceeding) expectations, Big Gurl (Smell My Dream) is a rightfully compelling follow-up to his stunning debut. With another installment already in the works, Jones has set the stage for a winning series of albums designed to document his rise as one of the most impressive and unique voices of our time."-ALL ABOUT JAZZ, Troy Collins
"He makes a modern saxophone music that is historically conscious and joyful to listen to and that joy is the space into which this music continues to grow."- POINT OF DEPARTURE, Thomas Stanley
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